with accommodation facilities, UISP, local authorities

Trail·Hike BEF Veneto

Trails A – B – C on gps guide tracks with WP of the BEF Points where to certify the passage. Choose the direction, date, and leave from where and as many times as you want, with your personal travel card and if you finish, you entry in Cronistoria, and you have Brevet.

BEF Point Veneto

Affiliated partner accommodation facilities, located on all itineraries, marked with WP on a gps guide track and external table, available to certify the passage in BEF Veneto and BEF Bèlo Veneto, as well as for rest, refreshment, overnight stay if possible.

BEF Bèlo Veneto

Evocative circular itineraries on a gps guide track with WP included by BEF Point partner where you can spontaneously have hospitality, tasting the typical local food and wine, where you can certify the passage with a stamp on your personal travel card.

BEF tour

Do you ready for your next organized travel cycle? You just have to pedal and discover the specialties of the area.

BEF raduno

Spontaneous and self-managed meeting, held annually also to promote all WWB ASD initiatives.

BEF gallery

Share your most beautiful images of participation in BEF initiatives, at the table also with food and wine choices.

TO BE a BEF Point


La proposta enogastronomica che hai apprezzato di più è…
The food and wine proposal you appreciated the most is …

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Social initiatives

Cycle excursions in lightness, conviviality with seriousness.
Tours – race – events – Altitude Traning Ladack.
Promotion and coordination international tours.
Weekend with cycle excursions, even walks, snowshoeing with an inevitable stop where you can eat well!

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